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See Max Mara’s Iconic Cube Jacket Reinterpreted by Three Photographers


Max Mara, the luxury Italian fashion house, has launched a new exhibition featuring the iconic Cube Jacket, which has been reinterpreted by three renowned photographers. The exhibition, titled “Coats! Max Mara, Seoul,” showcases the versatility and timeless elegance of the Cube Jacket through the unique perspectives of each artist.

The Cube Jacket was first introduced by Max Mara in 1981 and has since become an icon of the brand. The minimalist, versatile design features a reversible, packable construction that can be folded into a small cube, making it a favorite among jet-setters and fashion lovers alike.

For the exhibition, Max Mara enlisted the talents of photographers Jung Ah Kim, Choi Yong Bin, and Shin Sun Hye, who each created a series of images featuring the Cube Jacket in different settings and contexts. The photographs highlight the versatility and elegance of the design, while also showcasing the individual styles and perspectives of each artist.

Jung Ah Kim’s series, titled “A Timeless Journey,” features the Cube Jacket in a range of natural landscapes, from rocky mountains to serene lakesides. The images capture the effortless, understated elegance of the jacket, as well as its adaptability to different environments and occasions.

Choi Yong Bin’s series, “Reverberation,” takes a more abstract approach, using the Cube Jacket as a canvas for light and shadow play. The photographs highlight the interplay between the jacket’s minimalist design and the surrounding environment, creating a sense of dynamic movement and energy.

Finally, Shin Sun Hye’s series, “Infinite Journey,” features the Cube Jacket in a range of urban environments, from bustling city streets to sleek modern interiors. The photographs capture the jacket’s adaptability to different lifestyles and personalities, while also showcasing the enduring appeal of its minimalist design.

The “Coats! Max Mara, Seoul” exhibition is a testament to the enduring appeal and versatility of the Cube Jacket, as well as the power of collaboration and innovation in the fashion industry. Max Mara’s commitment to timeless elegance and thoughtful design has made it a favorite among fashion lovers around the world, and this exhibition is a celebration of the brand’s enduring legacy.